Eight Reasons to Consider Pixel by Google

There are the old familiar names; Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, Motorola, Sony, Microsoft, LG, Blackberry and HTC and maybe a few I’ve missed. More recently there’s the Pixel by Google. Touted as the best – of course, the Pixel is promising to eclipse the competition.

What’s the story? Do they really have the edge? And Why? For beginners, it offers a huge 32GB of memory with unlimited back-up from the cloud for capturing video and still shots. That means you never run out of space.

When hiring a limo rental, you know pretty much what to expect, when purchasing a reputable mobile phone, you don’t need to settle for anything that leaves you guessing. The 5 or 5.5-inch screen covers a quad-core processor and 4GB of RAM and that tells you up-front that quality is a primary offering.

Looking at the reviews, the Pixel gets a 96% overall satisfaction rating of users. Both the Pixel 5” and the Pixel 5.5LG are top notch and customers are excited by this first gen Pixel for a number of reasons. Here are a few:

• To Look Good is to Feel Good. The feel and look is attractive. Some would say that this aspect should be at the bottom of my list, but frankly if a phone is clumsy or doesn’t hold comfortably, it becomes less desirable to use. What consumers like is the sleek, premium feel of the glass tile back.
• It is fast. Users have reported it to be the fastest phone most have ever used. This is attributed to the new Snapdragon 821 chip carrying 4Gb RAM and Nougat 7.1. Known to never stutter, this makes this phone superior to many of the wanna bees on the market.
• The AMOLED Gorilla Glass screen returns rich color and vivid viewing. It has night mode built in with a minimum of wash-out in direct sunlight.
• The camera is ravable – if that’s even a word. Noted as one of the best cameras available, it launches, focuses and shoots without hesitation. Low light performance is bolstered with HDR+ mode. Google includes image stabilization without any camera bump because of the case design being slightly thicker at the top and tapering towards the bottom which allows it to rest flat on a desk or tabletop.
• The intuitive fingerprint reader means a single swipe without delay. A clean downward swipe to pull down notifications is frustration free.
• Google Assistance is something we’ve all started to rely on more and more. As a first gen product of Google the Pixel comes loaded with clean channels. It gets the attention it needs to deliver the fastest response to questions, conversational or cryptic.
• Quick charging and a long battery life are plusses. Reaching 90% of full charge in just 15 minutes it carries a 2770mAh battery. Look for a 3000mAh battery in future generations, but for now this more than gets the job done keeping the typical user alive throughout the day. For those who have been aware of the stories in the media on cell phone batteries that can ignite, rest assured Google’s Pixel is safe.
• Excellent customer service is always important. With 24/7 built into the operating system itself tells us that Google is seeing this make and model as a serious investment for now and into the future.

Yes, there is some room for improvement, but the pros far outweigh the drawbacks. Also, typical of Google they are about improving technology and refining their existing products. Their foray into cell phone territory has so far proven itself worth keeping an eye on.

What has been your experience with the Google Pixel? Leave a comment below and let us know what you like and dislike about their latest mobile generation device.