The Future is Now.

If you have any doubts, then you haven’t been to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Hundreds of displays covering the size of five football fields, showcasing electronic and innovative advancements in technology leaving nothing to the imagination. Once you think you’ve seen it all – there’s more, and to the delight of thousands, what once was relegated to science fiction is now a working reality.

The CES is massive covering 2.4 million square feet and hosting over 3,500 vendors. The global Tradeshow features big and small electronic and technological developments which address all factions of domestic and industrial applications. From high-tech emergency tow service Kansas City MO to drones that can carry passengers to the supermarket and back, there is something to astound everyone.

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Eight Reasons to Consider Pixel by Google

There are the old familiar names; Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, Motorola, Sony, Microsoft, LG, Blackberry and HTC and maybe a few I’ve missed. More recently there’s the Pixel by Google. Touted as the best – of course, the Pixel is promising to eclipse the competition.

What’s the story? Do they really have the edge? And Why? For beginners, it offers a huge 32GB of memory with unlimited back-up from the cloud for capturing video and still shots. That means you never run out of space.

When hiring a limo rental, you know pretty much what to expect, when purchasing a reputable mobile phone, you don’t need to settle for anything that leaves you guessing. The 5 or 5.5-inch screen covers a quad-core processor and 4GB of RAM and that tells you up-front that quality is a primary offering.

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Four Smart Gift Phones

Every year new and better cell phones hit the market. People stand in line to get the next greatest. Coming up to the Holidays, the rush is on as a new cell phone is a winning gift no matter what your age or circumstances. Fortunately, for all of us there are plenty of models to choose from. Naturally, some are given better chances of surviving a teenager’s lifestyle than a Senior’s, but that’s where the fun comes in – there’s something for everyone.

Basic models suited for the trading floor or boardroom or those used by the blue-collar work force like towing Hamilton ON are readily available. From local contractors to Wall Street, student or senior, no one needs to be without an appropriate match for their set of needs.

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Message In a Bottle

Ya gotta love technology – even if you don’t, you must admit that at the very least, you’ve been impressed by it at some time or another.

Recently, while having coffee with a friend at the Common Grounds, our conversation turned techno talk. While sipping his double shot, dark roast, pore-over he told me about the latest marketing technology that Coca Cola introduced for the holidays. Admittedly, even I was impressed. My buddy specializes in holiday events and is coordinating a party catering Niagara. He is in the know about all things food and beverage.

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