Phone cards are one of the most useful tools to have and a great gift to give. They are especially handy when a friend or relative lives outside the country. International calls can add up and before you know it the bill is mind blowing. That’s one of the reasons a gift of a pre-paid phone card is always a winner.

At Solaris we are interested in bringing you more than just card service. We are on the pulse of the ever changing era of technology. Not a week goes by, without an innovative idea or new discovery being presented which has the ability to change our lives going forward.

Due to the ongoing advancements in technology, we use this article site to bring you the newest information. It may not always be ‘new’ in the sense that you are not familiar with the concept, like the cell phone for instance. However, look at what has happened over the decades since “the brick” was first introduced back in the 1970s?

Within this always morphing field the fun never ends. Advancements in communication touch every walk of life. Medicine, child and elder care, agriculture, weather, space exploration, the list goes on and on. This site is about keeping you in the loop.

Phone cards may someday be issued for galactic calling. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Sir Richard Branson already had research pending. The world is not always in catch-up mode.

Our article site at Solaris Card is about delivering insights into a few of the gizmos and gadgets that have made their mark on society’s ability to see, hear and grok our world around us better than ever before.

Google is at the forefront with a think-tank filled with some of the brightest minds on the planet who are determined to bring the consumer closer to other dimensions without ever leaving the chair in the living room. Virtual reality, for example, is now more prevalent than the rotary dial phone. Who knows where we will be in a mere 10 years?

Here at Solaris Card’s blog site you will find exciting reports and stories on what to look for next. We share what we’ve learned along the way and keep you in the know, – and in the Solaris Family.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog page. We appreciate your patronage.