Eight Reasons to Consider Pixel by Google

There are the old familiar names; Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, Motorola, Sony, Microsoft, LG, Blackberry and HTC and maybe a few I’ve missed. More recently there’s the Pixel by Google. Touted as the best – of course, the Pixel is promising to eclipse the competition.

What’s the story? Do they really have the edge? And Why? For beginners, it offers a huge 32GB of memory with unlimited back-up from the cloud for capturing video and still shots. That means you never run out of space.

When hiring a limo rental, you know pretty much what to expect, when purchasing a reputable mobile phone, you don’t need to settle for anything that leaves you guessing. The 5 or 5.5-inch screen covers a quad-core processor and 4GB of RAM and that tells you up-front that quality is a primary offering.

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Message In a Bottle

Ya gotta love technology – even if you don’t, you must admit that at the very least, you’ve been impressed by it at some time or another.

Recently, while having coffee with a friend at the Common Grounds, our conversation turned techno talk. While sipping his double shot, dark roast, pore-over he told me about the latest marketing technology that Coca Cola introduced for the holidays. Admittedly, even I was impressed. My buddy specializes in holiday events and is coordinating a party catering Niagara. He is in the know about all things food and beverage.

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